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Model: 133
Rivet Buster

The APT model 133 Rivet Buster was originally designed to cut rivets off metal structures. Today the Rivet Buster series is widely known for its tough, powerful tools. They have the ability to perform all types of medium to heavy demolition work. With half the weight of the 60 lb. class paving breakers, the ratio of their high impact energy versus their weight make them the most efficient tool APT makes. The model 133 meets the weight requirements for bridge deck repair work, and are also popular for cutting up underground tanks. Rivet Busters are offered in 8" and 11" stroke, and with an extended T-style handle for vertical demolition work. The Model 133 also comes in a 4-bolt style handle which incorporates a vibration dampening feature. APT also has an outside trigger model that has a safety feature to minimize the possibility of being accidentally activated.


  • Deep case-hardened alloy steel cylinder
  • Uses jumbo extra heavy duty tool steel
  • Heavy duty upper and lower sleeves
  • Adjustable exhaust deflector
Model Product Detail Part Number
133 APT 133 Rivet Buster 5216

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You will also need...

Part # Weight Length Bore Stroke Blows/min Air Con
5216 30 lbs. 22-1/2" 1-3/16" 8" 1140 42-46cfm @ 90psi inlet
Rivet Buster Bits
Tool Under Collar Length (inches) Part Number

Bull Point
12" JB-12P
18" JB-18P

Narrow Chisel (For concrete)
12" JB-12C
18" JB-18C

Alloy Narrow Chisel for
Rivet Cutting

Ripper Chisel
(for thin steel plate)
10" JB-RIP

Wide Chisel
[Note: Requires J-LSS
(Lower Split Sleeve)]

Back-Out Punch
Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers
Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers
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Coming soon! Please call for parts data for this tool.